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Isuzu Truck.

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ISUZU Truck 3.5 Tonne Range

The award winning Isuzu Grafter is one tough little truck. Available in a number of different configurations to suit your business, the grafter excels when it comes to efficiency and reliability.


ISUZU Truck 5.5-6.5 Tonne Range

If you have an Operator's license and are looking for a truck with the same compact cab options as the 3.5 tonners, but more payload capacity, a 5.5t or 6.5t Isuzu truck could be just for you.


ISUZU Truck 7.5 Tonne Range

Available with either a 3.0 litre, 150 PS engine for town and city driving, or a 5.2 litre, 190 PS engine for regular main road and motorway journeys, the N75 is the truck of choice for a wide range of companies across numerous different industries.


ISUZU Truck 11-13.5 Tonne Range

The compact cab and low chassis design of the 11 and 13.5 tonne trucks mean that they they're often mistaken for 7.5 tonners when they're out on the road. But a 'big truck' interior - complete with the Easyshift automatic transmission and impressive payload performance puts the F-Series range in a class of its own.


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